#MoreThanASelfie campaign launched by Bodywhys

Do you or your school want to create your own video?

Written by Tricia Purcell


Help Bodywhys create a new and innovative programme for schools, to challenge the pressures young people describe. Create your own video under 1 of the following themes:

  • "How can I feel better about myself without changing how I took?"
  • "Is social media the real world?"
  • "Is it just me?" Recognising we all have times we don't feel great
  • "People judge themselves on the number of 'likes' and that's a real shame"
  • "Chasing the image of perfection is a like chasing a rainbow"
  • "Body image is only one part of who you are"

You can send submissions to Fiona [email protected] by Thursday, 16th February. Videos must be no more 1-minute long. Winning entries will be included in the new schools programme.

Why are Bodywhys running this campaign?

Research in Ireland indicates that young people identify body image as one of their key issues impacting negatively on their mental health. In focus groups conducted by Bodywhys, young people identified social image as the main source of pressure to body image and self esteem.

Negative body image is linked to higher levels of depression, self harm, alcohol and substance abuse, eating disorders and low self esteem (My World Survey, 2014). If you would like more information on the #MoreThanASelfie Campaign or if you’d like a resource pack for your school, contact Fiona [email protected]

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