Plastic campaigners announce Sick of Plastic campaign

A day of action will be held on Saturday 21 April 2018

Written by Hannah Byrne


Sick of Plastic is a campaign group made up of concerned consumers, citizens, and members of the public who want action on reducing the amount of single-use plastic in Ireland.

The group are planning a Day of Action on Plastic Packaging in Supermarkets to make a statement to retailers that the amount of plastic used to package their products is unacceptable.

This campaign is being run by two environmental organisations, VOICE Ireland and Friends of the Earth.

What’s wrong with plastic?

Plastic is generally used for a very short space of time, but it can take hundreds of years to decompose. Unfortunately, a lot of the plastic we take home from the supermarket when we do our shopping is not recyclable, meaning most of this plastic will go to landfill. This plastic waste is beginning to have a severe impact on the oceans, on wildlife, and on communities around the world.

This video from diver Rich Horner shows the devastating impact plastic can have on our planet.

What is the Day of Action?

On Saturday 21 April 2018, the Sick of Plastic Campaign are calling on the public to join them in their Day of Action.

The call of action is to “Shop and Drop” – after doing your regular shopping, remove all of your plastic packaging and leave it with the cashier instead of taking it home.

Volunteers will be handing out postcards with the 6 demands on plastic packaging, which you can sign and hand to the cashier in the store.

6 demands on reducing plastic

  1. Offer more items without packaging, such as fruit and vegetables (without plastic trays, wrapping and nets) and fresh bread.
  2. Ensure their own brand packaging is easily compostable or recyclable and uses less plastic. 
  3. Demand, through your own purchasing power, that brands you carry have easily compostable or recyclable packaging, and use less plastic.
  4. Blaze a trail in Ireland by implementing a plastic free aisle, as has been done in the Netherlands.
  5. Set up systems whereby consumers can buy items in bulk, to reduce packaging, like in the Dublin Food Coop.
  6. Follow in the footsteps of Fallon and Byrne and set up a system whereby customers can use their own containers to buy dried goods, buying only what they need.

How else can I get involved?

Campaigners are looking for people who are interested in being local organisers for their area, or volunteers to hand out postcards and let people know about the campaign on the day.

If you’re interested in getting involved, fill out this form

You can also sign the petition  to let politicians know how you feel about plastic waste.

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