spunout calls for a Yes/Yes vote in family and care referendums

spunout is calling for a yes vote in the family and care referendums, both taking place on March 8th, following consultation with the organisation’s Action Panel

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Last Updated: Feb-28-24


On the March 8th, Ireland will be asked to vote on two proposed changes to the Constitution. This vote is called a referendum. One proposal would expand the concept of family in the Constitution, and the other would recognise care provided by family members to each other. 

The spunout Action Panel (made up of 160 young people from around Ireland) has voted 89% in favour of a ‘Yes’ position in both upcoming referendums. In addition to providing neutral and factual information on voting, spunout will be supporting the National Women’s Council of Ireland’s ‘Yes’ campaign in the lead-up to the referendums. 

  • Voting “Yes / Yes” recognises our country’s wide diversity of families and that every child will be protected equally as part of a family.  
  • Voting “Yes / Yes” affirms that ‘a woman’s place’ is wherever she wants it to be, and that anything less is not acceptable in our Constitution. 
  • Voting “Yes / Yes” establishes an expectation of Government and political parties to deliver real change and practical supports, such as affordable childcare, support for families, older people and people with disabilities, so everyone can live independent lives with autonomy and choice.

The Constitution is a statement of our values as a country. By voting yes we can ensure the Constitution gives full equality to all unmarried families, and to Ireland’s children born outside of marriage. We can remove sexist and outdated language about women from our Constitution. And we can have a Constitution that recognises the care that women have traditionally provided in our homes, while also recognising the family care of women, men and all people, today and into the future.

The ‘Care’ referendum does not go far enough in affirming the rights of people with disabilities to have their needs met by the State. Throughout the referendum campaign and beyond, spunout will continue to platform and support voices advocating for the right to be supported to live with dignity and autonomy. 

In keeping with our obligations as a charity in receipt of State grants, no money received from public sources will be spent by spunout in relation to the referendum campaign. 

As always, regardless of how you vote, we encourage all young people to have their say on the 8th of March. 

For more information on the voting process, visit spunout.ie/vote.

To read the Electoral Commission’s explanation of both referendums and the proposed changes to the Constitution, visit the Electoral Commission website at electoralcommission.ie/referendums.

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