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Our mental health training series is designed for those working and volunteering with young people in Ireland

Written by spunout will be hosting a series of training sessions over the coming months. These sessions have been designed to assist youth workers, professionals, and volunteers with speaking to the young people they work with about issues around mental health.

The workshops will be hosted in our offices in Dublin city centre.

Mental Health Training Series 2019

Tickets are available through Eventbrite and are priced at: 

  • €20 for professionals, youth workers, teachers, etc. 
  • €10 for youth work volunteers
  • €5 for unwaged/students 

Mental Health 101 – Mental Health Basics

In ‘Mental Health 101 – Mental Health Basics’ we will provide an introduction to common mental health conditions such as stress, anxiety, depression and panic attacks. We will also cover the basics of suicide awareness, signs and intervention. Beyond this we will discuss our understanding of mental health as a social topic, the stigma associated with it, and how to get young people talking when it comes to their own mental health concerns. 

Overall, how can we facilitate more open, honest and empathetic mental health conversations with young people?

Building Young People’s Positive Mental Health – Habits & Resilience

In ‘Building Young People’s Positive Mental Health – Habits & Resilience’ we will discuss what positive mental health entails, and how it differs from the typical understanding of mental health in society today. We will learn the ins and outs of building resilience, and how young people can use mental resilience to overcome difficulties. This workshop outlines various habits and positive coping skills young people can use in their day-to-day lives to build their mental resilience, and focus on holistic self care.

Overall, you will learn how to facilitate activities with young people that prompts them to reflect on their own habits and how to build healthier care routines.

The Impact of Social Media on Mental Health – Tips & Coping Skills

In ‘The Impact of Social Media on Mental Health – Tips & Coping Skills’ we will open discussion on what changes social media use has brought to the day to day lives of young people, and the challenges and opportunities this presents. In the training you will learn the signs that social media use is having a negative impact on the lives and health of young people, and what coping skills to recommend. We will discuss young people’s view points and lived experiences on the impact social media is having on their wellbeing, and examine research of which online platforms are having the most negative impact on youth mental health and resilience.

Overall, what is the status on social media and its effects, and how can we support young people with effective advice and coping strategies?

Active Listening – Learning Healthy Communication Skills

In ‘Active Listening – Learning Healthy Communication Skills’ we will examine common communication styles and pitfalls, as well as the importance of healthy, reflective, and proactive communication. We cover the ways of not only using active listening and communication skills with young people, but also the importance of teaching young people these skills from an early age. We will reflect on our own communication methods, and practice new skills of how to listen and respond empathetically and effectively in our work and in our holistic lives.

Overall, how can incorporating new skills in listening and responding with young people improve their health outcomes?

Body Image & Self Esteem – Our Relationship with Ourselves

Our self image and self esteem are affected by many social and emotional factors. In ‘BodyImage & Self Esteem – Our Relationship with Ourselves’ we will look at how young people are particularly affected by social expectations for body type and self image, and how these expectations disrupt their ongoing relationships with their selves. While this workshop will not delve deeply into the clinical side of eating and self image disorders, we will evaluate young people’s body image and self esteem as social justice issues. We will provide tips and coping strategies to shift our self image and develop healthy and positive self esteem.

Overall, how can we encourage young people to begin their own self esteem journeys, and encourage reflective practice and self care along the way?

Tickets available through Eventbrite.

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