#StillJustMe is a new campaign from Walk in My Shoes

The anti-stigma campaign is focusing on Eating Disorders this week

Written by Tricia Purcell


#StillJustMe is an anti-stigma campaign of Walk in My Shoes. Through a series of short films and blog articles written by mental health experts and those with real-life experience, #StillJustMe will shine a spotlight on some of the most poorly understood and stigmatised mental health problems, including: eating disorders; depression and anxiety; schizophrenia and psychosis; and addiction.

Each phase of #stilljustme focuses on a different mental health issue and is launched to coincide with international awareness days in 2017.

For Phase 1 in #EatingDisordersAwarenessWeek the focus is on Eating Disorders.

You can keep up to date with the campaign on their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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