Teens in Ireland are bullied online more so than teens in other countries

One in four Irish teens have experienced cyberbullying

Written by Megan Stonecipher


A survey conducted by YouGov has revealed that Irish teens are bullied online more so than teens in other countries.  Specifically, the survey conducted found that one in four Irish teens have experienced cyberbullying, while in the other ten countries surveyed it was around one in five people who have experienced cyberbullying.  

Out of the 5,000 teenagers that were surveyed from eleven countries, two-thirds of Irish teen respondents felt that cyberbullying is worse than face-to-face bullying.  And nearly over half of the Irish respondents felt that cyberbullying is more of an issue than drug abuse.  

The study also found that 45% of Irish teens feel helpless when they are the victims of cyberbullying, and 29% stated that they feel “completely alone” after being cyberbullied.  One in four went on to say that they went so far as to experience suicidal thoughts after being the victim of cyberbullying as well.  

Nine out of ten Irish teens stated that they would find coping with cyberbullying much more easier if they receive support on social media and online from friends at the time of the cyberbullying.  The problem is that only four in ten admitted that they would find it difficult to support their friends after their friend had experienced bullying online.

Remember to speak up and get involved when you see people getting bullied online.  The more involved we all are, the more likely we are to see a decrease in the amount of cyberbullying.  Also remember that if you are a victim of cyberbullying and feel as if you need help, don't hesitate to get in contact with these great resources: Bully4U, ChildLine, TeenLine Ireland and Samaritans.


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