Top tips for conserving water

Here at we’ve put together some tips to help you conserve water

Written by Grainne Jones


Ireland has been having great weather the past few weeks, but with that has brought water shortages and the hose-pipe ban. Here at we’ve put together a few tips to help you conserve water:

  • Take short showers instead of using the bath
  • As appealing as it is, don’t fill up the home paddling pools!
  • If you have already have a paddling pool full of water, when you’re done with it use the water for all the thirsty plants in the garden
  • Turn off taps when brushing your teeth
  • When washing dishes, put the plug in the sink and fill it up rather than having the tap on the whole time
  • Only do full loads of washing (don’t half-fill the washing machine!)
  • As fun as having a massive water fight may sound, it’s really not a good idea as it’s very wasteful of water
  • If you’re a fan of drinking really cold water, fill a jug or bottle and leave it in the fridge – that way you’re not running the tap for ages waiting for water to cool down

During this hot weather it is also important to stay hydrated and to wear a high factor sun cream. For more information on staying safe this summer click here.  

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