Young, Paperless and Powerful (YPP)

Celebrating their 2nd Birthday

Written by Conor McCreesh


YPP is a group of young activists who organise as part of the campaign for a pathway to papers for undocumented migrants, particularly children and young people in Ireland. They are celebrating their 2nd birthday with a short video they hope spreads far and wide. Kate a community worker from the Justice for the Undocumented Campaign and also worker for the Young Paperless and Powerful Group has said “It’s been a phenomenal two years with this young group of activists and they have gone from strength to strength.”

Young, Paperless & Powerful: Happy 2nd Birthday! from Migrant Rights Centre Ireland on Vimeo.

You can support and encourage the YPP campaign for justice and a pathway for papers for the undocumented in Ireland with the hashtag #undocIRL on Facebook and Twitter.

Facebook: Migrant Rights Centre

Twitter: Migrant Rights



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