Young people across Ireland share their stories from the climate strikes

With over 4 million people taking part in the school strikes worldwide, we hear from a few young people across Ireland about what the strikes mean to them

Written by spunout

The international school strikes took place across the world on Friday 20th September as part of the Fridays for Future movement. The movement calls on world leaders to take more action on the climate emergency. It follows six months after the 15 March global school strikes, and this time, young people are asking adults to come out in numbers to support the action.

It’s estimated that roughly four million people took place in the school strikes across 185 countries. In Ireland, there were major demonstrations in Dublin, Cork and Galway and many smaller demonstrations across the country.

Young people across Ireland took part in the school strikes. They have shared their experiences with, highlighting why they decided to strike and what action they hope the government will take following the strikes. 

Young people’s stories from the School Strikes 

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