Zeminar Speaker Profile: Eilis Barrett

Eilis is a YA author who published her first novel at the age of 16

Written by spunout


Zeminar is taking place this year in the RDS on October 10th, 11th and 12th. Zeminar is an event for Generation Z, particularly those aged between 15 and 20, and their parents, teachers, mentors and coaches. You can buy tickets for Zeminar here.

This year's Zeminar hosts some incredible and inspiring speakers. Running up the event, SpunOut will be bringing you profiles of some of these amazing young people. Next up is Eilis Barrett, who at just 16 published her first novel 'Oasis', to critical acclaim. Its sequal, 'Genisis', will be out this year.

Why are you taking part in Zeminar? 

The minute I heard about Zeminar I wanted to take part! It's such an exciting concept to me. I love innovators and risk takers, people who are really living their lives on their terms. That's the kind of life I want to live, and those are the people I try to surround myself with. I think Zeminar's the perfect place to do that, and I'm ready to be inspired by everyone attending. 

Why do you think it's important?

I think teenagers of this generation have a naturally innovative and entrepreneurial spirit, and I love that Zeminar has seen that and responded with a wealth of opportunity. A single word, or a single conversation, or a single person at the right time in your life can inspire you to go after what really matters to you, and end up changing your life for the better. I think Zeminar is where all of those things come together in one place. The catalyst effect of that could be astronomical. 

What would you have liked to hear when you were a teenager? 

What I did hear, at least from my family. Which is that nothing is impossible, and that I have the kind of fight in me that gives me the ability to overcome any obstacle I come across. I think everyone has that fight in them, sometimes they just need to be reminded.

What are you going to say? 

That once you overcome yourself you can overcome your circumstances. People say that they don't do what they're really passionate about because they don't have the time, or the money, or they have too many responsibilities. Really it's just because they're afraid. Once you beat fear you can beat anything else, and that's what I hope to instil in everyone I meet. 

You can buy tickets for Zeminar here.

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