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How to make carrot, parsley and beetroot hummus

Ryan shares his hummus recipe. Hummus is great with bread, crackers or vegetables

Written by Ryan Mangan | View this authors Twitter page and posted in opinion

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I’m beginning to get worried about my hummus addiction these days; I’m genuinely considering seeking help for it. Nonetheless, I’m still going to share my latest twists to it as they did taste fantastic. Whenever I leave these in the fridge, I come home to empty jars. They’re really fun to make too!


  • 2 x Tin of chick peas (fibre)
  • 2 x Garlic clove  (helps to strengthen the immune system)
  • 2 x Large lemons (healthy digestion, detoxifying)
  • Tahini/sesame seed paste (Vitamin E, improves skin health)
  • Carrot (aids digestion, promotes good eye health, powerful antioxidant)
  • Fresh parsley (supports healthy kidneys and bladder)
  • Fresh beetroot
  • Water


  • A blender
  • Cutlery
  • Separate storage containers
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  • Empty both tins of chickpeas into a sieve, run water well through to prevent the build up of flatulence
  • Crush three cloves of garlic and chop up finely to help it disperse more easily
  • Add the chickpeas and garlic into the blender; spritz the juice of two lemons into the mixture along with three tablespoons of tahini
  • Blend well and add a little water to the mixture if you find it too thick before blending again
  • Separate the hummus evenly into three bowls
  • In one, add in the carrot peelings, the fresh parsley into the second and in the third, one chopped beetroot
  • Separately blend up the contents of the three bowls
  • Pour into storage containers and freeze, or if planning to consume within days, store in the fridge
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Published Octo­ber 6th2015
Tags recipes eat well feel well healthy eating
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