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Swap your J1 for a Staycation this Summer

Why should you holiday in Ireland?

Written by David Kennedy and posted in opinion

This is an opinion of a young person and does not necessarily reflect the opinion of It is one person's experience and may be different for you. If you'd like to write something for please contact

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It’s that time of year again as Irish students emerge from their winter hibernation pale, dreary eyed and shaking from their missed fixes of Jeremy Kyle and Storage Hunters. The only cure is a summer of fun to shake the cobwebs off and revitalize before returning to studies in the Autumn. Traditionally this has led to droves of 20 something’s jetting off to foreign destinations and hotter climates but with a scorching summer expected* there are more and more reasons to stay in Ireland this summer! Here’s my top five:

Irish beaches are awesome

Nostalgia is a dangerous thing. Forget your childhood memories of sand sandwiches, buckets and spades and a long uncomfortable drive home in an overcrowded Nissan Datsun... an Irish Beach Holiday today can involve Land-Yachting in Tramore, Surfing in Strandhill or chilling in Ireland’s only Beach-house/Hunting Lodge at Trá na Rosánn in remote Donegal. Thanks to hipsters your 1980’s Speedos are back in fashion so get planning your trip!

Ireland is Europe’s adventure capital

Whether it’s mountain-biking some of Europe’s best trails in Ballyhoura, Co. Limerick, hill-walking in the Blue Stack Mountains, Donegal, wakeboarding in Dublin’s financial district or Kayaking off Cape Clear Island, Cork, there are no shortage of options for the adrenaline junkie to get their fix! An Óige’s Craic’n’Crash team also organise great value adventure breaks away every couple of weeks that’s open for everyone with rock-climbing, white-water rafting, coasteering and having the craic with others… come by yourself or bring a friend or two for a weekend that gets out of the pub and into the great outdoors! See HERE the next Craic’n’Crash breaks and get planning!

Irish festivals are buzzing

Summer time is festival time in Ireland. You can check out Hooker Racing in Galway, that’s right Hooker Racing, Electing a Goat King of the Town in Kerry, or the World’s Biggest Irish Traditional Music festival in Sligo… there’s something to satisfy every taste. Not to mention the huge amount of gigs & festivals in Dublin - with beds in Dublin International Hostel from only €13 including breakfast, you can’t go wrong!

Ireland is old

Okay... granted, ‘Ireland is Old’ is probably not the best way of describing the rich abundance of heritage on our doorstep but revisiting old school tour destinations can be really enjoyable without the fear of impending wedgie! The Rock of Cashel, Newgrange (older than the Pyramids!), Kilmainham Gaol or for the more adventurous among us The Museum of Country Life can be better appreciated when not concentrating all focus on getting a shift on a school-bus. Get the crew together and relive old times with a new perspective (but hopefully still some shifting!).

Ireland is beautiful

Whether it’s the rugged beauty of the Burren or the amazing reflection of the mountains on the Lakes of Killarney, there’s no doubt that Ireland is one sexy ass beast of a country. What’s more, this beauty can be seen on your own terms with a group or in your own remote hostel away from it all. You can even rent out the entire hostel if you’ve got the numbers up for it!
There’s no doubt that there’s never been a better time to holiday in Ireland. Check out for information on Hostels, Activities, Events and Things to Do all over Ireland.

*An Óige accepts no liability if a scorching summer isn’t delivered – blame the weathermen!

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Published June 26th, 2014
Last updated June 16th, 2016
Tags holidays summer staycation
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