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My poem on supporting my friend who is suicidal

Bridget talks about why we need to have open conversations about our mental health and suicide

Written by Bridget Mohan and posted in voices

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Darkness Into Light

The only lights in his life are the ones at the ends of his fags

And he can't tell his family

Because his Irish mammy will hand him some sudocream

And say “it's not as bad as it seems,

You'll be alright before you get married.”

The next night his parents are

Going to Darkness into Light

and patting themselves on the back

While their son's in the back

Of the garden smoking grass and lying in it.

Is everything okay man?

Everything's shite man,

Let's get high man,

And I can't say no to that,

I don't know how to help you

When I'm there myself too.

Talking about feelings burns my mouth

more than the end of the spliff,

And I'm wondering if

He knows I'm scared

That he will think no one cares,

And leave us here,

Unspoken words sticking in our teeth

Like sweets we used to eat

When life was easier

And all we needed was sugar

To get us back up on our feet.

When your son comes home

and gives the front door a clatter

Please ask him “what's the matter?”

And listen when he tells you

That he can't bear being alive,

That he's thinking about suicide.

Don't say,

“You'll be alright before you get married”

Because next thing you know

Styx will have carried

His soul out to sea

And we'll never get to see his face again,

I'll have lost my friend.

All because of Irish pride,

Keep it inside,

Be brave, be strong,

Big boys don't cry.

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Published Novem­ber 4th2019
Tags opinion suicide mental health
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