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CAO dates that you don’t wanna miss

Mark your calenders now!

Written by SpunOut | View this authors Twitter page and posted in education

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The Leaving Certificate is stressful enough not to mention all the things you have to remember. We've put together a few key dates that you can't forget if you are thinking of using the CAO to choose a college course for September.

January 20th, 2017 at 5.15 pm

This is the closing date for the CAO early-bird on-line applications. A fee of €25 applies before this date and increases then to €40, until February 1st.

The registration date for HPAT-Ireland 2016 (fee €120). Late registrations (€190) until February 1st, 5.15pm. An exceptional late registration fee €225 applies until February 3rd, 5.15pm. The HPAT test takes place in centres around the country on Saturday, February 27th.

February 1st at 5.15pm

Closing date for normal applications to the CAO for entry to all 1st year undergraduate places. People applying for restricted application courses (those with early assessments such as interviews or portfolio assessment) must list any such course on their CAO application by this date.

February 5th at 12.00

Online facility to amend course choices becomes available for a late fee of €10 until March 1st.

March 1st at 5.15pm

This is the final date for CAO applicants to complete the online forms under the HEAR (Higher Education Access Route) and/or DARE (Disability Access Route to Education) schemes. All supporting documentation for HEAR or DARE must be supplied to the CAO by post by April 1st by 5.15 pm.

HEAR allows school leavers who for social, financial or cultural reasons are under-represented at third level to attend college. DARE is a supplementary admissions scheme offering places on reduced points to school leavers with a designated disability.

May 1st at 5.15 pm

Closing date for late CAO applications. The fee for an online application up to this date is €50. After this no further applications will be accepted for the 2016 academic year.

May 5th

The CAO change-of-mind facility opens on May 5th. Candidates get a statement of application record by post before the end of May, listing all details supplied by applicants to date. Inform the CAO if you do not receive it, or if there are any errors on this form.

June 8th- 24th

Leaving Cert written examinations take place.

July 1st at 5.15pm

Final date for any amendments to course choices and order of preference on all CAO applications for entry to college in September 2016.

Wednesday, August 16th

Leaving Certificate results are out!

Monday, August 21st

The CAO releases round one offers to candidates online at 6 am. Offer notices posted to candidates to arrive on this date. Minimum points required for entry to each course are available on the CAO website from 6 am.

Tuesday, August 22nd

Leaving Cert students who are unhappy with an exam grade and wish to view their marked exam scripts in their school must return the application forms to their school by this date. There is no charge for viewing your marked exam scripts.

Monday, August 28th by 5.15 pm

Closing date for receipt of acceptance of CAO round one offers

Thursday, August 31st

The CAO posts round two offers to applicants, to arrive by post on Thursday September 1st. The minimum points required for entry to each course are released on the CAO website at 6 am on that date.

Wednesday, September 6th by 5.15 pm

Closing date for receipt of acceptance of CAO round two offers.

Mid October

Results of Leaving Cert appeals are out. Final offers of places by the CAO will be made up to October 19th.

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Published January 7th, 2016
Last updated January 11th, 2017
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