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Privacy and Security

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All Privacy and Security articles

How to know if you've been hacked Unfortunately, getting hacked can be a reality of being online, but there are things you can do to protect yourself

How to identify alt-right content online The alt-right is a growing movement online - knowing how to spot their content can help you to think more critically

How do algorithms work? Algorithms have a huge influence over our online experience, shaping what we see and how we experience online spaces

Secrets of social media influencers Find out how social media influencers make money and what they need to do to get the perfect shot

Can you trust a social media influencer? Taking time to look at the profile or channel of the influencers you follow can help you to decide whether or not you trust them

How to tell a social media post is an ad Being able to identify an ad on social media helps us to understand where the posts on our feed are coming from

How to protect your privacy and security online Take some time to improve your online security so that you can be sure your data is safe

What is fake news and how to recognise it Do you know what is real or fake on your newsfeed?

Curious about Curious Cat? This social networking tool allows you to communicate anonymously with people

Xbox Live Safety Stay safe while gaming online.

Viber Safety Looking after your safety on the popular messaging app

How to set up two-step verification Setting up two factor authentication can help to keep your accounts secure and prevent other people from logging in