What to write on your CV if you don’t have much experience

Even if you don't have much work experience, there is still plenty you can write on your CV
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It can be daunting applying for jobs when you don’t have much work experience, and it can be very difficult to know what to put on your CV. But you have more qualities to talk about on your CV than you may be aware of.

Things to remember when writing your CV

It isn’t only paid work experience that counts

Have you done any volunteer work? What about projects in school or extracurricular activities? Are you involved in a local sports team or do you have any hobbies? All of these are relevant to potential employers and can demonstrate skills and experience you have that may make you suitable for the role.

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Give examples

It’s important to remember that you have loads of skills and positive qualities. It’s even more important to remember to demonstrate these positive qualities with examples that back them up. For example, if you describe yourself as highly motivated, list an example of a time you behaved in a particularly motivated way.

Use the right language

Make sure to use the kind of language the employer would expect to see. Use keywords associated with the job to make sure you get noticed.

Don’t try to bulk up your CV with long paragraphs

You don’t need to compensate for a lack of experience with long unnecessary paragraphs. Keep it concise and lean, and focus on making it easy to read. Your CV should never be longer than 2 pages.

Include overseas experiences

If you have ever studied or lived abroad, you can include that experience in your CV to show your openmindedness and understanding of other cultures.

Focus on your skills

Prioritise talking about your skills. For example, in your “Experience” section, rather than organising it by work experience, you can organise it by skills, such as research skills, interpersonal skills, communication skills etc.

Click here for more tips on writing your CV. You can also learn how to present your life skills for an outstanding CV and prepare for a job interview with SkillsSummary.ie.

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