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What is a Traineeship programme?

This combines training and workplace coaching

Written by SpunOut | View this authors Twitter page and posted in employment

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If you are looking for a way to learn while on the job a Traineeship may be the option for you. Traineeship is a programme run by SOLAS and etbi and is available to everyone including those on social welfare payments. 

SOLAS Traineeship Programme

Traineeship is a programme which combines learning in an education and training setting and in the workplace aiming to improve recruitment and employment outcomes for participants and increase the chances of getting a job in the industry.

Traineeship gives participants the opportunity to develop their skills and knowledge on-the-job, making them more skilled, more employable and growing their career options.

Completing a Traineeship programme leads to award at NFQ Levels 4-6 or equivalent. There are currently over 30 traineeship programmes available around the country in areas such as care hospitality, construction logistics and business retail. You can find a full list of the current traineeships here

Am I eligible?

Traineeships are open to all ages from all backgrounds and are free of charge but to take part you must be a resident of Ireland and hold a valid PPS number.

Trainees can be: 

  • school leavers 
  • older learners 
  • people in employment 
  • people out of employment

For more information about traineeships click here

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Published Novem­ber 29th2016
Tags education training skills
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