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Why you might have been emergency taxed, and what to do if you have
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There are a few reasons why the Revenue might tax you on an emergency basis. This is most common when you suddenly switch jobs, or if you are just entering the workforce.

If you’re starting a new job and you notice you’ve gotten emergency taxed, it’s because:

  • You didn’t give your new employer your P45
  • You didn’t give your new employer your Certificate of Tax Credit
  • You didn’t give your new employer your PPS number

If you’re starting your first ever job and you’ve gotten emergency taxed it’s most likely because you didn’t fill in Form 12A. This form calculates how much tax credit you qualify for.

If you have been emergency taxed, it’s very easy to get a refund from Revenue, but it is recommended that you do it sooner rather than later because the rate of emergency tax you pay increases the longer you are on the emergency tax rate.

An emergency tax refund is the only type of tax back you can claim from Revenue immediately, all other claims for tax refunds are subject to a wait. For more information check out both the Citizens Information website and the Revenue website.

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