What is the Benefit of Work Estimator

Find out how working full-time or increasing your hours will impact your take home pay with the Benefit of Work Estimator.
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Getting a new job can be an exciting experience. However, it can also bring certain worries. Taxes and benefits can be difficult to calculate, and you may be concerned that you’ll actually end up with less money to spend than if you hadn’t taken the job at all. This is where the Benefit of Work Estimator can help you.

What is the Benefit of Work Estimator?

The Benefit of Work Estimator is a free service offered by the Department of Social Protection in Ireland. It aims to give you a clear indication of how your take-home pay will change when you’re moving from unemployment into full-time work.

There are two different benefit of work estimator tools. The benefit of work estimator for jobseeker and one-parent family payments shows how starting work or increasing your hours could affect these payments. The benefit of work estimator for disability and illness payments shows how income from employment may affect your disability or illness payment.

You will be asked for the following information when using the tool:

  • What social welfare scheme you are claiming
  • How many children you have, if applicable
  • Whether you have a medical card
  • Your relationship status
  • Details about any work you are currently doing
  • Details about the potential job

The estimator will then calculate the actual take-home pay you will be earning after all the taxes and benefits for which you’re eligible have been factored in.

The information is presented in a clear, easy-to-read chart broken down by income source. The potential in-work income is shown next to the total value of your current welfare payments for easy comparison between the two.

The estimator is totally anonymous and doesn’t require you to enter any follow-up or contact information.

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