Vaping demystified in a non-judgmental way

spunout has created a series of factual, non-judgmental resources about vaping and its effects so you can make informed decisions about your health

Written by spunout

Last Updated: Mar-11-24


Vaping has risen sharply in popularity over the last few years, particularly with young people. Some people who vape may do so as a replacement for smoking, some both vape and smoke cigarettes, while others who vape have never smoked before.

Here, we have created a series on vaping and how it affects your health, the environment and more, so that you can make informed decisions about vaping. People are entitled to make their own decisions about their health, and the best way to be equipped to do that is by having factual, non-judgmental information to aid those decisions.

There are also resources relating to quitting, or cutting down, on vaping, if this is something you want to do.

Vaping demystified

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