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How often can my rent be increased?

Depending on where you rent in Ireland there are different laws that control your rent

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If your landlord tries to raise your rent there are laws that control how much it can be raised by. The rules covering how your rent can be increased will depend upon where you are living.

How much can my rent be increased in a Rent Pressure Zone? 

From 24th December 2016 specific areas have been designated as rent pressure zones (RPZ). A rent pressure zone is an area where annual rent increases have been at 7% or more in four of the last six quarters and where the rent levels are already above the national average).

Use the RPZ Calulator to find out if you are renting in a rent pressure zone.

If you are renting in a rent pressure zone then your landlord can seek a rent increase of up to 4% per year, unless one of the two exemptions highlighted below apply. The RPZ rules not only apply to an existing tenancy in a RPZ but also if you move in to a new tenancy which is located within a RPZ.

What are my rights when renting in a RPZ?

Where you start renting in a RPZ your landlord is required to give you written information outlining the amount of rent and date it was last set under a tenancy for the dwelling and a statement as to how the rent set under the tenancy of the dwelling has been calculated having regard to the rent pressure zone formula. If you don't get this the landlord is in breach and you can take further action through the Residential Tenancies Board (RTB). 

Exemptions when renting in a RPZ

The RPZ rules do not apply:

  • Where the property has not been let in the previous two years or
  • Where there has been a substantial change in the nature of the accommodation occurs

How much can my rent increase outside of a Rent Pressure Zone?

If you are renting outside of a RPZ there is no percentage limit on how much your landlord can increase your rent by however they cannot charge more than 'market rent'. To determine 'market rent' you can check a number of sources including the Residential Tenancies Board (RTB) Rent Index, property websites, property agents, to let ads in newspapers etc. Where you are renting outside of a RPZ your landlord can only seek to increase rent if it is 24 months or more from the date of your last increase.

What your landlord must do to increase the rent?

In seeking to increase the rent, whether you are residing in a RPZ or not:

  • Your landlord must give you at least 90 days written notice of the amount of the new rent and date it is to take effect from 
  • The notice must be in writing. Email, text or verbal notice are not valid
  • The rent cannot be above market rent and for a tenancy in a RPZ
  • The landlord must show how the rent is calculated in accordance with the rules
  • You must be given at least three comparable rents of similar properties in your area which have been advertised in the previous four weeks to your review
  • The written review must also advise you that if you wish to dispute the review you can refer a case to the RTB which you must do within 90 days of receipt of the notice or before the date when the review is to take effect, whichever is later
  • If you wish to challenge a valid notice of rent review you continue paying the current rent until the RTB issue a Determination Order

Where to go for further help?

If you require further assistance with a rent review query or any other tenancy issue you can contact Threshold by visiting or phoning freephone 1800 454 454 to speak to an advisor.

Need more information?

We are here to answer your questions and talk through your options. Our online chat service is for 16 to 25 year olds and is available Monday to Friday, 4pm to 8pm. Chat to us now about your situation.

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Published Jan­u­ary 28th2019
Tags renting accommodation
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