Entitlements for people with disabilities

Disability allowance and other financial supports for people with disabilities

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Normally the day-to-day expenses of having a disability are higher than they are for people without disabilities. You can apply for a disability allowance (which you keep while studying) or other financial supports to help with the increased costs.

Available supports

Disability Allowance

  • This is a means-tested payment that you can get from age 16
  • You can qualify if you have a long-term disability that affects your ability to work
  • You may also get other social welfare benefits on top of this payment

Invalidity Pension

  • This is for people who have made social insurance payments over a certain amount of time and are likely to be unable to work long-term due to illness or disability

Blind Person’s Pension

  • This is a means-tested payment for people over the age of 18 who are registered as legally blind or as having low vision
  • In order to get this pension, you must satisfy the means test and residency requirements (i.e. you must permanently live in Ireland)
  • You will also need to be assessed by an ophthalmic surgeon in order to qualify for this payment

Blind Welfare Allowance

  • This is a supplementary payment to people over the age of 16 who are blind or have low vision and are already getting another welfare payment
  • The purpose of this payment is to provide extra financial support.

Disablement Benefit

  • This is a payment for people who are physically or mentally ill as a result of an accident at work or one on the way to work, or as a result of a disease they contracted because of the type of work they did
  • This may be paid as one lump sum or in the form of regular payments, depending on your injury or the type of ill health you have
  • You may also be able to get Incapacity Supplement or Constant Attendance Allowance if you are on Disability Benefit

Occupational Injuries Scheme

  • This is a group of payments you can apply for if you’re ill or disabled as a result of a work accident or an industrial illness
  • These payments include Injury Benefit, Disablement Benefit, Incapacity Supplement, Constant Attendance Allowance and Medical Care Scheme

Back to Education Allowance

  • If you are receiving a disability payment, the Back to Education Allowance allows you to attend a second or third level course while still receiving a social welfare payment
  • You may also work part-time if you have this allowance

Medical schemes

  • There are a variety of medical entitlements for all citizens in Ireland
  • These include Medical Cards, GP Visit Cards, the Long Term Illness Scheme, the Drugs Payment Scheme and tax back on medical expenses
  • Click here for further information on these entitlements

Employment schemes

  • There are a variety of schemes that will help you get back to work or to adapt your work environment to meet your needs
  • Click here to read further information on these schemes.

Other payments

Contact the Equality Authority and Enable Ireland for more information. In Northern Ireland contact the Equality and Human Rights Commission.

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