What to do after receiving your 2020 Leaving Cert results

Find out about your options if you sat your exams in November 2020
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Students who sat the Leaving Cert exams in November 2020 can now access their results online.

If you have received your results and you’re wondering what happens next, find out about your options below.

If you’re feeling upset or overwhelmed about your leaving cert results, our anonymous 24/7 text message support service can connect you with a trained volunteer who will listen to you and help you to move forward feeling better.

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Next steps after receiving the November 2020 Leaving Cert results

Find out what to do if you’re not happy with your results or what the results mean for the CAO.

Will my exam result replace my calculated grade?

If you received a calculated grade last year and decided to sit the paper in November, you will get to keep the highest grade you were awarded between your calculated grade and your exam.

This means that if you got a higher result in your written exam than on your calculated grade, you will be awarded the higher mark. However, if you got a lower result in your written exam than on your calculated grades, you will get to keep the higher mark from your calculated grades – you will not be marked down.

Can I appeal my result if I’m not happy with it?

If you got a lower mark than you expected and you want to have your paper looked at again, you can go through the appeals process.

You can view your results and access the appeals process through the Candidate Self Service Portal.

  • Students can apply to view their scripts from Wednesday, 3 February at 9am to Thursday, 4 February at 5pm
  • Students will be able to view their scripts between Tuesday, 9 February at 12pm and Wednesday, 10 February at 12pm
  • Students can apply to appeal their results between Tuesday, 9 February at 9am until Friday, 12 February at 5pm

There is no fee for appealing a result for an exam taken in November 2020. Find out more about how the appeals process works.

What do these new results mean for the CAO?

If your points go up after sitting the exams and you qualify for one of your higher preferences on the CAO, you will be offered a deferred place on the course, which you can start in September 2021.

If you already accepted a lower offer and have started the course, but you have decided to take the leaving cert exams and you are offered a place on a preferred course, you can accept that offer and start at the beginning of the new academic year in September 2021.

Find out what your options are if you don’t get your first choice on the CAO.

How to accept a deferred college offer

If you qualify for a deferred place, you will be contacted by the Higher Education Institution (college or university) from the week beginning 8th February. 

If you decide you want to take up this offer, you will need to fill out the 2021 CAO if you haven’t already, and make sure to include your deferred course on the list. It’s important to do this because formal offers for deferred places will be made through the CAO in July 2021, ahead of the Leaving Cert 2021 offers.

If you accept a deferred offer but you have placed other courses higher up on your 2021 CAO, you can accept the deferred place and still wait to see if you get a higher offer during Round 1 and later of the 2021 CAO offers. 

Will my SUSI grant be affected if I switch courses after the Leaving Cert?

Normally, leaving college early can have an impact on your grant eligibility, depending on your circumstances. However, students who sat the Leaving Cert exams in November after starting a college course will not be penalised if they decide to accept a higher offer, and they will be able to apply for the SUSI grant for their new course.

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