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Sexting among Irish secondary school students

Report finds 13% of Irish secondary students have sent a sext.

Written by Rebekah Connolly and posted in news

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Last week Zeeko, an Irish company which works with parents, teachers and children to promote digital health and safety released a report highlighting the use of sexting among Irish secondary school students, The report, entitled “Secondary School Digital Trend Report” aimed at better understanding the current digital trends among teenagers in Ireland. The study surveyed 3,231 secondary students; 1,408 females and 1,823 males from 30 schools.

The study identifies sexts as ranging from sending suggestive messages to images and videos.

Findings from the study:

  • 13% of secondary school students have sent a nude/semi-nude photo/video of themselves.
  • 7% have sent a nude/semi-nude photo/video of themselves to someone they met online.
  • 15% have shared or showed a friend a nude/semi-nude photo/video that was sent by someone else.
  • 14% sexted someone who is not their partner.

Males are more likely than females to engage in all sexting behaviours measured:

  • 17% of males sent a nude/semi-nude photo/video of themselves compared to 9% of females.
  • 18% of males and 8% of females sexted a non-partner.
  • 10% of males sexted someone they first met online compared to 4% females.

All sexting behaviours measured rise throughout each year of secondary school:

  • 4% of 1st Years sent sext image compared to 34% of 6th Years.
  • 3% of 1st Years sexted someone they first met online compared to 15% of 6th Years.
  • 4% of 1st Years sexted a non-partner compared to 34% of 6th Years.
  • 6% of 1st Years shared a sext they had received vs. 27% of 6th Years.

The most popular social media used by students surveyed:

You can find full details of the Zeeko survey here.


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Published Jan­u­ary 16th2018
Last updated Jan­u­ary 17th2018
Tags sexting teenagers social media secondary school snapchat facebook instagram youtube sexual health relationships sex
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