Ariana Grande encourages young people to talk to about their mental health

Ariana Grande lends support to #TheMentalHealthFund campaign

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Global superstar Ariana Grande has shared details of mental health supports for her fans, including those in Ireland, and encouraged young people to reach out and talk about their worries during this global pandemic.

Ariana Grande tweets about 

In an Instagram story post and tweet on Friday Ms. Grande urged her fans to reach out to in Ireland for support during the COVID crisis. The singer encouraged young people in Ireland to text SPUNOUT to 086 1800 280 if they are struggling with their mental health and to support a GoFundMe campaign for the four mental health charities she was highlighting. 

The Mental Health Fund GoFundMe campaign

‘The Mental Health Fund’ GoFundMe campaign – which has already raised over €2m – was launched by singer Demi Lovato on April 20th and is raising funds to support in Ireland along with three other mental health organisations; Kids Help Phone (Canada), Shout (UK) and Crisis Text Line (USA).

“So many people have been left alone with their thoughts, their abusers, their anxieties – and are struggling with the uncertainty of these times” said Demi as she launched #TheMentalHealthFund.

“I know not everyone has the ability to get the help they need so my hope is that this fund can bring support to help alleviate some of the hardship and pain people are going through.”

“We’re incredibly grateful to Ariana for sharing these mental health supports with her fans, particularly those here in Ireland” said Ian Power, CEO of

“Lots of people are really struggling with isolation, anxiety, and relationship worries at the moment. This encouragement from Ariana to reach out and talk about these problems is a really welcome message right now and we hope young people across Ireland will contact us and let our volunteers listen to what is going on for them and hopefully ease their worries and help them find some calm.”

You can donate €5 or more to #TheMentalHealthFund on GoFundMe page to support mental health services for young people in Ireland.

Feeling overwhelmed or anxious around the current pandemic?

This situation is completely new to everyone involved and it is normal to feel worried or anxious about what is going on. Following the Government’s instructions on how to stay safe and help slow the spread of the virus, can help to make you feel more in control of your current situation.

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