Durex recall condoms due to chance of breaking during use

Check expiry dates and batch numbers to see if your condoms are affected

Written by Rebekah Connolly


Durex has recalled several batches of condoms made in 2018 because they do not “pass the requirement for burst pressure” as they come towards their expiry date. This means that the tests have shown that there is increased chance for the condoms to burst before the expiry date displayed on the condoms' packaging. 

The expiry dates of the recalled condoms are between December 2020 and February 2021. The chances of them having burst before the date they were recalled is low. For safety reasons all condoms from these batches should be returned to the store where they were bought. A full refund will be given on all affected condoms returned.

Have my Durex condoms been recalled?

The affected batches of condoms are Durex Real Feel “Latex-Free” and Durex Latex Free Polyisoprene condoms that have an expiry date between December 2020 and February 2021. 

To know if your condoms have been recalled check the batch number on the outside of the box that your condoms came in and the foil wrapping on the individual condom. If the batch number matches any of those which are listed below do not use the condoms and return them to where you bought them.

Durex condom batch numbers

Batch Number of Durex condoms recalled in Ireland.
Batch Number of Durex condoms recalled in the UK.
Where to find the batch number on recalled Durex condom packages.

What should I do if I used a condom that has been recalled?

The chance of any of the condoms from the recalled batch breaking before they were recalled is low. If you have any health concerns you should contact your pharmacist or G.P. Click here for more information on the recalled condoms.

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