Young people share their thoughts on the Leaving Cert 2020 plans

Following an Instagram Live with Minister for Education Joe McHugh, young people share their thoughts on the proposed plans

Written by spunout recently sat down with Minister for Education and Skills Joe McHugh on an Instagram Live to talk about the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the Leaving Cert and the government’s plans for the 2020 exams.

We asked Leaving Cert students across the country to send us in their questions to ask Minister McHugh. We received over 1,500 emails from students, parents, teachers and guardians sharing their questions for the Minister, as well as their opinions and ideas for managing the situation.

The Instagram Live was watched by over 18,000 people. We took the most common questions and issues that we received from Leaving Cert students to put to the Minister

Find out how the Minister answered your Leaving Cert 2020 questions

Following the livestream with Minister McHugh, we asked some Leaving Cert students what they thought of the government’s proposed plans, and what their personal experiences preparing for the Leaving Cert during a global pandemic has been like.

Young people respond to Minister McHugh’s plans

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