Make a difference this Stand Up Awareness Week

Support LGBTI+ young people by taking part in BeLonG To’s awareness campaign

Written by Rebekah Connolly


BeLonG To's Stand Up Awareness Week addresses homophobic, biphobic and transphobic bullying in secondary schools and youth services by encouraging friendship and positive understanding of LGBTI+ young people. This year you can take part in Stand Up Awareness Week from the 12th to the 16th of November.

Click here to order resources from BeLonG To for your school or youth group from as part of Stand Up Awareness Week 2018.

How can I take part in Stand Up Awareness Week?

Tackle Online Abuse

Irish research has shown that 50% of LGBTI+ secondary school students are bullied, 67% of students have witnessed bullying of LGBTI+ students at school, and 60% said that if someone comes out as LGBTI+ in their school, they will be bullied.

This Stand Up Awareness Week you can help tackle LGBTI+ bullying online in many ways:

  • Stand up for others if you see them being targeted online, don’t be a bystander – support your friends, demonstrate that you’re by their side
  • If you think a photo is nice, make sure to ‘like’ it, or leave a supportive comment or emoji if you like an article your friend has shared 
  • Diffuse negative posts with positive language or images or humour
  • Share messages of support for LGBTI+ friends, organisations and causes
  • Think twice before posting and consider how your own behaviour might harm others, even if unintentionally
  • Before you post a comment or a photo, be mindful and ask yourself if it could embarrass or hurt someone. If in doubt, don’t post it – be kind

Click here to read the BeLonG To guide in partnership with Facebook on how to tackle LGBTI+ bullying online.

Share BeLonG To’s Stand Up videos on social media

This Stand Up Awareness Week you have the chance to make a real difference to the life of an LGBTI+ young person. Share a BeLonG To video on standing up against LGBTI+ bullying on your social media to show your support to the LGBTI+ young people in your school and community.

You can find the full list of BeLonG To videos here.

Other ways to get involved

  • Speak to your Guidance Counsellor or Youth Worker to discuss how you can take part in Stand Up Awareness Week
  • Take time this Stand Up Awareness week to learn more about the issues facing LGBTI+ young people and how to be an ally to them. Visit our LGBTI+ section to learn more
  • Contribute content to about what Stand Up Awareness Week means to you. Click here to find our more

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