#GE2020 Gary Gannon (Social Democrats – Dublin Central)

Gary Gannon is running as a candidate in the 2020 general election in the Dublin Central constituency.
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Social Democrats general election candidate Gary Gannon

Name: Gary Gannon

Age: 32

Preferred pronouns: He/Him

Political Party: Social Democrats

Constituency: Dublin Central

Candidate’s stance on the issues that matter most to young people: 

Climate Crisis

Eliminate entirely our dependency on fossil fuels. To do we need to invest more in Blue energy- wind and wave. Work collaboratively with our partners throughout Europe to achieve this aim on a larger scale. Ensure the transition to a greener economy is fair and doesn’t widen already entrenched societal inequalities.

Reducing Homelessness

Build more housing- substantially more. We need at least 100,000 public housing built within five years. Implement a national rent freeze and legislate to stop land hounding.

Mental Health Services

In schools, we need to view positive mental health supports as an essential part of all classrooms, everyday. Too often this is left to the career guidance teachers but we need a fully qualified mental professional in all schools, at every level.

Education Funding, including Third-level Fees

Third level fees must be phased out during the lifetime of the next government. No barrier should exist to people accessing education of the highest standards. We must bring third level funding to at least the EU average as a minimum ambition .

Funding for Youth Work

Restore Youth & Community funding to pre-austerity levels and provide multi-annual funding so projects have some degree of comfort and aren’t constantly occupied will filling out funding applications.

Direct Provision

End it. Promote the voices of those who’ve had to experience this injustice.

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