Political organisations for young people in Ireland

There are a lot of ways to get involved in politics and activism

Written by Hannah Byrne


The most recent referendums saw a surge in young people registering to vote and getting involved in the political process. Lots of young people got involved with the YES Equality campaign and 8th Amendment campaign, canvassing in their areas and asking people to get registered and to vote. Even though the President’s Age referendum didn’t pass, that’s not to say young people should feel discouraged from getting involved in the process – now is a great time to find other ways to stay involved.

How to get involved in politics as a young person 

If you’re a university student, you can get involved with your Students’ Union or with societies on campus, and if you’re in secondary school, you could join your student council, or find out if your school is part of some of the organisations mentioned below.

However, there’s still plenty you could do outside of an education setting.If you’re interested in party politics, all major political parties in Ireland have youth wings.

Youth wings of political parties in Ireland 

If you don’t feel strongly towards any particular party, there are other groups you could join:

among others…

Some organisations your school could get involved with:

See the National Youth Council of Ireland website for more organisations.

If there’s an organisation you’re interested in, find out if there’s a youth wing or other ways to get involved!

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