Addressing the housing crisis

What is Housing Assistance Payment?

Written by spunout

HAP is a type of social housing support provided by the local authority

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What to do if you can’t pay your rent

Written by spunout

If you are finding it difficult to pay your rent, there are supports out there that can help you

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Your rights when facing eviction

Written by spunout

If your landlord wants you to move out of your rental home, it is important to know your rights

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How the housing crisis impacted my path in life

Written by Diarmuid Gallagher

How the housing crisis has impacted Diarmuid's development and independence.

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My experience of being homeless

Written by Jennifer Akandu

Jennifer shares her experience of being homeless

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How the housing crisis is impacting students

Written by Anonymous

With expensive rent, and unsafe living conditions, finding somewhere to live as a student can be difficult

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Petition to Help End Youth Homelessness

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