UV Glow Party in aid of SpunOut.ie

SpunOutter Anna Kerslake is holding a fundraiser for us on the 15th of December. Get your tickets today!

Written by John Buckley


Tis' the season to be glowly…so why not spend a festive night out in Dublin for a good cause. On the 15th of December, in Fibber Magees (directions here) on Parnell Street SpunOutter Anna Kerslake is hosting a uv glow party for SpunOut.ie. Anna attended the SpunOut.ie Women's Academy earlier this year and has been involed with SpunOut ever since. 

Why is Anna holding the event? She says: “SpunOut.ie is an online resource by young people for young people, between the ages of 16-25. It has articles on different topics relating to all aspects of life. Young people can get involved with the organisation by contributing their own work to be published on the site. SpunOut.ie works to give young people in Ireland a voice. It has helped and continues to help young people with issues that are important to them.”

Tickets are available either by contacting Anna ([email protected]) or by donating on JustGiving.com

Ticket Prices

Here's one of our favourite dance tunes to get you in the mood. Don't forget to join the Facebook Event page too

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