Katie Donohoe

Petition to Help End Youth Homelessness

  Find out more about our National Action Panel’s campaign looking at the impact of the housing crisis on young people across Ireland.

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The impact of the housing crisis on young people in Ireland

Written by spunout

spunout’s National Action Panel address the housing crisis spunout’s National Action Panel have launched a grassroots campaign aimed at...

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3 ways I have made my school experience better as an autistic student

Written by Isabelle Blum

Isabelle shares how she self-advocated to access accommodations independently as an autistic student in a mainstream Irish secondary school.

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How I found ways to deal with a difficult start to secondary school

Written by Alice

Starting secondary school during a pandemic was tough for Alice but despite challenges, they learned to speak up and seek help on their mental heal...

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The challenges I have faced ‘coming out’ as autistic

Written by Davin Godfrey

Whether coming out as LGBTQIA+ or autistic, Davin feels that people may not understand and that more support is needed for both.

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Why I’m worried about the Government’s proposal on Disability Reform

Written by Ross Boyd

The Irish Government wants to change how certain social welfare payments work, but Ross is worried the new system might make it hard for people wit...

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Why I am voting no on the care referendum

Written by Ross Boyd

With a referendum on the way Ross shares how he decided he will vote yes on the family amendment, but why the care amendment worries him.

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Why sports is important to friendships between men

Written by Craig Doyle

Craig discusses the significance that sports has on societal norms when men form and sustain friendships.

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Techniques I have developed to replace self-harm

Written by Aly Ryan

Using therapy and creating a kindness box, Aly explores ways she combats urges and finds healing, sharing her path from self-harm to self-care.

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What I wish people understood about self-harm

Written by Charlie Beaudelot

Charlie explores their changing triggers for self-harm, debunks stereotypes, and highlights wound care for personal well-being and healing.

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How healing my inner child helped me stop self-harming

Written by Charlie Harney

Charlie looks into how their self-harm was rooted in childhood pressures, highlighting the healing power of nurturing the inner child's needs.

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My journey with self-harm

Written by Kate Wareing

Kate takes an honest look at their journey with self-harm, from triggers to recovery, they discuss strategies used for prevention and healing.

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