Katie Donohoe

Dealing with the truth of my uncle’s death

Written by Craig Doyle

Craig details how he navigates the grief of losing his uncle to suicide.

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What losing my sister to suicide taught me about grief

Written by Sunny Klein

Sunny recalls the silent struggles of suicide grief and how embracing shared journeys of healing helped.

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Why reporting racism is a challenge in Irish schools

Written by Bel Nabulele

Bel discusses the challenge of reporting racism in Irish schools and their experience of teachers with unconscious bias.

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My leaving cert results did not define my path in life

Written by Emie Collins

It took time, but Emie found her true path and thrived not letting her Leaving Cert results define her.

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We need to truly nurture the potential of students in schools

Written by Darragh Walsh

Darragh details how schools should nurture students' interests and draw out their individual potential for a more meaningful education.

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How I managed stress while facing exams

Written by Susan James

For Susan, overcoming exam stress meant facing her fears, focusing on her future, and envisioning success beyond graduation.

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Why period pain needs to be taken more seriously

Written by Anonymous

This content contributor discusses their struggle with period pain and the lack of informed healthcare available for menstruation.

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Having a happy sex life with vaginismus

Written by Saoirse O'Connor

Saoirse discusses how seeking help for vaginismus can be frustrating, especially for those with non-heterosexual identities, but perseverance is key.

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Why getting help for PCOS should be easier

Written by Karen Johnson

Karen had been experiencing symptoms of PCOS since age 13, but it took her a long time to get a diagnosis.

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​​How my recovery from depression is a constant process

Written by Diarmuid Gallagher

Diarmuid details how his recovery from depression and anxiety has involved using techniques that have helped show him his strengths when it comes t...

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What I realised through my recovery from an eating disorder

Written by Maria

One of the first steps in Maria’s recovery journey was acknowledging her eating disorder.

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How CBT and therapy helped my mental health recovery

Written by Aly Ryan

While Aly has found her mental health recovery journey frustrating at times, it is helping her have the life she knows she deserves.

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