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What I learned from my lockdown breakup Keara talks about positives steps you can take in your life after dealing with a breakup

Why I'm getting accredited grades for the Leaving Cert Rebecca talks about why getting accredited grades is the right decision for her and her mental health

What lockdown has taught me about my friendships Lisa talks about the worry many people are feeling around friendships and relationships in lockdown

My experience living with a stammer This young person talks about the impact her speech impediment has had on her self-esteem, confidence, and life-experiences

My experience living with hearing loss Unilateral Hearing Loss (UHL) or one-sided deafness is a type of hearing loss that only occurs in one ear. Find out more below.

How I supported my wellbeing when I was homeless Elizabeth talks about moving into a B&B with her family, and how faith and positive relationships helped her

How I look after my wellbeing as a young trans person Lee talks about how we can all build a supportive environment for young trans people's mental health

Dear 2020: Why I've decided to focus on my happiness This reader talks about how 2020 showed them the importance of appreciating themselves and their personality

Dear 2020: What I've learned about my relationships this year This reader reflects on 2020 and the important lessons they learned about themselves and the people around them

Dear 2020: Looking back at the year that changed everything Take some time to write a #Dear2020 letter to yourself that you can look back on in a few months

Join the Gaisce Glas Summit to build a better future A.J. talks about the Gaisce climate justice programme and how you can get involved in the #pushforchange

Why I changed from the pill to the contraceptive bar Ann talks about trying different types of contraceptives and talking to your GP about your options