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My experience in the education system as a teenager with dyspraxia

Written by Doireann Walsh

Doireann shares how she navigated primary and secondary school while being diagnosed with dyspraxia.

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My experience embracing a body neutrality mindset

Written by Anonymous

This spunout contributor talks about how they became more comfortable with their body image when they embraced a body neutrality mindset.

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My journey recovering from anorexia

Written by Charlie

Charlie shares how they found hope while recovering from an eating disorder.

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My experience as a second-generation Immigrant

Written by Anushka Pathak

Anushka shares how she learned to embrace her Indian and Irish heritage.

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How I found ways to deal with a difficult start to secondary school

Written by Alice

Starting secondary school during a pandemic was tough for Alice but despite challenges, they learned to speak up and seek help on their mental heal...

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The joys of being Irish and ____

Written by Colleen Kyan

Colleen describes how belonging to more than one culture can bring a beautiful fusion to life.

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The challenges I have faced ‘coming out’ as autistic

Written by Davin Godfrey

Whether coming out as LGBTQIA+ or autistic, Davin feels that people may not understand and that more support is needed for both.

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Why finding resources as an Immigrant in Ireland is hard

Written by Bel Nabulele

Bel shares how they persevere as an Immigrant who grew up in Ireland with inaccessible resources.

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My experience with microaggressions

Fatima talks about how she's experienced racism in the form of microaggressions. She discusses how everyone can combat it.

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