College counselling services in Ireland

Speaking to a counsellor while at third level can help you support your mental health

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This article was developed in partnership with the Union of Students in Ireland (USI).

Going to university and college can be an amazing experience but it can also come with added stress and pressure such as college work, new relationships and finding work/life balance. 

If during the academic year you experience difficulty with your mental health or for any reason would like to speak to a counsellor, your institution is there to support you. 

Many counselling services are offering remote sessions by video or telephone to continue to support students during the COVID-19 pandemic.

College counselling services in Ireland

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University counselling services

Dublin City University (DCU)

The DCU counselling service offers one-to-one counselling and support to students. They can work with students on a number of topics, from dealing with college, to relationship or family issues, or anything else that might be impacting on your mental health. The counselling service provides support in a non-judgmental and open manner. This includes support and help at a time of immediate crisis.

The service also offers online wellbeing information and resources including mental health advice an information and resources, lunchtime workshops and other skills programmes.

Find out more about the DCU counselling service.

Maynooth University (MU)

The Maynooth University Counselling Service offers counselling to Maynooth students. They are currently available to offer both face-to-face appointments and phone consultations. The service is by appointment during this COVID-19 pandemic. To make an appointment you can call (01) 708 3554. Find out more about the MU counselling service.

NUI Galway (NUIG)

The counselling service at NUI Galway are providing online counselling to all their students during COVID-19. To make an appointment, email [email protected]. Counselling is available to all full and part-time students, including undergraduates and postgraduates. Find out more about the NUIG counselling service.

Technological University Dublin (TUD)

The TUD Counselling Services offers a comprehensive Step Care Model of development and support to all registered students. All students are offered an Initial Assessment Appointment with a member of the counselling team, where their needs are assessed and a range of options will be explored. In addition to any mental health Issues you may be experiencing, you can talk about personal problems or academic concerns that may be troubling you, in a private and confidential atmosphere.

Due to COVID-19 Counselling sessions will be delivered via phone/web messaging or video-conferencing. Find out more about the TU Dublin counselling service.

Trinity College Dublin (TCD)

Trinity College Dublin (TCD) offers free, confidential and non-judgemental counselling support to registered students of Trinity College Dublin and the Marino Institute of Education, who are experiencing personal and/or academic concerns. Their  experienced counselling team are fully qualified and registered clinical and counselling psychologists/psychotherapists.

They offer online, one-to-one and group counselling services. Find out more about the TCD counselling service.

University College Cork (UCC)

The UCC counselling service is currently working remotely. They are offering one-to-one telephone counselling appointments, and students will also be able to sign up for video appointments. Contact [email protected] to make an appointment. Find out more about the UCC counselling service.

University College Dublin (UCD)

The UCD Student Counselling Service is a free and confidential service offering counselling to students with fully qualified, professional counsellors. Their counsellors are there to support students with any personal issues that might be impacting on their mental wellbeing. Their website offers you information on what they do, how to make an appointment and what you can expect if you decide to attend for an appointment. 

While campus is closed due to COVID-19, Student Counselling is offering services remotely online and over telephone. Find out more about the UCD student counselling service.

University of Limerick

The counselling service at University of Limerick, Éist Student Counselling and Wellbeing, offers counselling services to their students. They offer a drop-in service for students, but this service will be available online for the first semester of the 2020/21 academic year due to COVID-19. Counselling will be provided online during this time. You can make an appointment at [email protected] – find out more about Éist Student Counselling and Wellbeing at UL.

IT counselling services

Athlone IT

AIT Student Counselling Service provides a safe, supportive and confidential environment in which students can discuss any emotional or psychological difficulties they may be experiencing. The counsellor will use their training and expertise to help you clarify what issues are impacting on you and your life, and then help you to explore how you can find better or different ways to live and different perspectives.

To protect staff and students during the COVID-19 pandemic, counselling is taking place via telephone and/or video. Students can choose to have video on or off for themselves and/or for the counsellor. Daily brief telephone consultations with a counsellor replace our Walk-in service 2 – 3pm each day. The brief consultation must be booked in the morning before 11am by phoning 090 6468063 or emailing [email protected], requesting “Phone Consultation”. For more information visit the AIT counselling webpage.

Cork IT (CIT)

The Cork IT counselling service is there to offer support to students experiencing a range of difficulties, including anxiety or depression, relationship issues, bereavement, academic problems, or other issues that are affecting their wellbeing. Due to COVID-19 the CIT Student Counselling Service are working remotely and offering sessions through Microsoft Teams, Skype and over the phone. Contact [email protected] to book a session. Find out more about the CIT counselling service

Dundalk IT (DKIT)

As a result of Covid restrictions, the DKIT counselling service will be offering a “blended ” service which means you can have appointments remotely through Microsoft teams by video text or phone depending on your circumstances. There will also be face to face appointments available with appropriate precautions. To make an appointment contact [email protected].

Galway Mayo IT (GMIT)

The Counselling Services at GMIT offer a safe, open and non-judgemental place to discuss whatever your concerns are. Talking it over with a trained professional can sometimes help students to see things more clearly, make choices and develop more effective ways of coping. Whatever is on your mind, we are here to listen, and help you to achieve your full potential during your time spent at GMIT. You may wish to explore academic, personal or mental health concerns. You can speak with a Counsellor about any issue, no matter how big or small. Find out more about the GMIT counselling service.

Institute of Art, Design and Technology, Dun Laoghaire (IADT)

IADT offers counselling services and positive mental health and wellbeing resources to all their students. The Student Counselling Service remains available during the college closure in the form of online sessions via Microsoft Teams as well as phone call consultations. You can make an appointment via email at [email protected], and emergency consultations are available weekdays from 9am-9:30am at (01) 239 4650 and via video call. Find out more about the IADT counselling service.

IT Carlow

IT Carlow offer counselling services to support students to work through any problems they may be experiencing and help them to gain a better understanding of themselves and their situation. You can make an appointment to see a counsellor by contacting the Student Services Office on 059 9175600 or email counselling@itcarlow – find out more about the IT Carlow counselling service.

IT Sligo

The IT Sligo Student Counselling Service aims to provide a confidential support service that is free of charge to all students. The service is available to help students work through any issues they are experiencing that may be impacting on their mental health in a non-judgemental and confidential setting. Their services are offered on an appointment basis – students can email [email protected] or phone (083) 002 5881 or (087) 356 1756. Find out more about the IT Sligo student counselling service.

IT Tralee

IT Tralee offers a free counselling service to students on both campuses from 9am-5L30pm, Monday – Friday. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the counselling service will be operating online and via telephone until further notice. Find out more about the IT Tralee counselling service.

Letterkenny IT

The Letterkenny IT student counselling service is there to help students work through any issues that may be bothering them or any problems that are impacting on their mental health. They give priority to emergency cases. You can make an appointment by emailing [email protected] or calling the Student Services Administrator on (074) 918 6855. Find out more about the Letterkenny IT counselling service.

Limerick IT

The counselling services at LIT allow students time and space in a confidential setting to explore any issues that might be concerning them. They provide services to the Moylish, LSAD, Thurles and Clonmel campuses. Their counsellors are specially trained to listen and provide support a safe and non-judgmental environment. 

Students can book an appointment on their website. Find out more about the Limerick IT counselling service.

Waterford IT (WIT)

WIT Student Counselling service offers counselling services to full time students. Their counsellors are fully qualified mental health professionals and all sessions are free of charge. 

During COVID-19 the WIT Student Counselling Service are providing video and phone sessions remotely. Students can make an appointment to see the counsellor on their website under ‘Appointments and Cancellations‘. Find out more about the WIT counselling service.

Other Higher Education Institutions

Carlow College, St Patrick’s

The Student Counselling Service at Carlow College, St Patrick’s is a free, professional and confidential service which is available to both undergraduate and postgraduate students. Students can access professional one-to-one counselling to talk about a range of issues that may be impacting on their lives, from relationship issues, emotional issues, dealing with loss, problems in college, mental health difficulties, or anything else that may be going on. 

Appointments can be made by emailing [email protected] or phoning (059) 915 3225 or (085) 756 4441 between 9am and 5pm. Find out more about the Carlow College counselling service.

Marino Institute of Education

Marino Institute of Education student counselling is offered by Trinity College Dublin (TCD). They offer free, confidential and non-judgemental counselling support to students who are experiencing personal and/or academic concerns.

They offer online, one-to-one and group counselling services. Find out more about the TCD counselling service.

Mary Immaculate College

Mary Immaculate College provides a professional, on-campus Counselling Service available to all students, free of charge. This service provides all students with the opportunity to talk in a confidential setting about any issues which they may not feel comfortable discussing with anyone else. 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the counselling service will be offering blended options, with counsellors both on campus and offering online counselling via Zoom. To get in touch with the counselling service you can email [email protected] – find out more about the Mary Immaculate College counselling service.

National College of Art and Design (NCAD)

The NCAD Student Counselling Service is a confidential and free service for students. Their counsellor is a fully qualified professional, there to support students with any issues they may be experiencing that are impacting on their mental health. Appointments can be made by emailing [email protected] or by texting (087) 951 9819. Find out more about the NCAD Student Counselling Service.

National College of Ireland (NCI)

NCI provides a free counselling service for students who need support. The Student Counselling and Wellness Service provides a space where students can talk about any difficulties they may be facing. Due to COVID-19 NCI are currently offering their counselling services over the phone. Students can make an appointment by emailing [email protected] – find out more about the NCI student counselling services

Royal Irish Academy of Music

The Royal Irish Academy of Music can provide counselling support to students. Their supports are offered both in-house and through the Clanwilliam Institute. Students interested in counselling support can find the details on the Student Support pages on Moodle. Contact details for their student counsellors are also available on the Support Service section of their website

St Angela’s College

The counselling service at St. Angela’s College is there to support students dealing with challenges or difficulties that they may be experiencing. This includes college problems, relationship problems, loneliness, or other issues that are affecting their mental health. The first six sessions are free of charge, then a minimal €10 charge per session applies.

Students can make an appointment by calling or texting (087) 660 9209 or emailing [email protected] – find out more about the St. Angela’s College counselling service

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