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CV Checklist

Tick the box for the ultimate CV checklist

Written by SpunOut | View this authors Twitter page and posted in employment

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Essential info to check before sending your CV to a potential employer.

  • Keep your CV to two pages, max. This is key because any longer and it may look like you’re waffling.
  • Spellcheck. Double check your spelling and grammar, and get a family member or friend to look at it also because spellcheck on Word doesn’t always pick up everything.
  • Keep everything relevant. In order to keep your CV to the point, make sure you put the most relevant info (work experience, education) to the top and only include relevant info to the job on the CV.
  • Be consistent. Different size fonts and headings can look very messy so keep it plain, simple but most of all consistent.
  • Keep it fresh. If applying for a few different positions, make sure to update and change your CV to suit each job. It might be a bit time consuming but could make all the difference.
  • Contact info. Double check that you have a phone number and e-mail at the top of your CV. Might be obvious but you’d be surprised…(Plus you want to have every possible way available for an employer to contact you!)
  • Formatting. Embrace the bullet points. Chunky paragraphs will just look like effort to whoever is reading them.
  • Timeline. Again, check all dates are correct and you have included a start and end date for employment and education history.
  • Referees. Generally you can include ‘references available on request’ at the end of your CV but if you are including contact details for the referees make sure and let them know that they can expect a call.
  • Job title. Include the name of organisations that you previously worked for as well as your role in the organisation. Don’t take it for granted that the person reviewing your CV will know what it does.

For more information, check out this article on snazzy CVs, a sample cover letter and interviews.

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Published July 8th, 2013
Last updated March 30th, 2017
Tags cv employment jobs
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