What is the Part-time Job Incentive Scheme?

This scheme allows you to take up part-time work and retain some of your Jobseeker's Allowance
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If you are getting Jobseeker’s Allowance (JA), the Part-Time Job Incentive Scheme (PTJI) allows you to take up a part time job and get a special weekly allowance instead of jobseeker’s payment.

How does the Part-time Job Incentive Scheme work?

You can work for up to 24 hours a week and you will still retain your Jobseeker’s Allowance for one year. This may be extended for a further period. You must continue to look for full time work while on the scheme.

Who is eligible?

  • You must be working for 24 hours a week or less.
  • You must have been receiving Jobseeker’s Allowance for at least 15 months.
  • You must be getting a weekly Jobseeker’s Allowance of at least €119.00 if you are single or €193.90 if you are getting an increase for a qualified adult.

How to apply

Once you have secured your part-time job, you should contact your local social welfare office or Intreo centre. You can find a list of these here.

Your employer will have to fill out a form every four weeks to confirm the hours you have worked.

Need more information?

We are here to answer your questions and talk through your options. Our online chat service is for 16 to 25 year olds and is available Monday to Friday, 4pm to 8pm. Chat to us now about your situation.

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