How do I sign-off the dole?

What you need to do to sign off the dole
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If you are receiving a payment from the Department of Social Protection, such as Jobseeker’s Allowance or Jobseeker’s Benefit, you must inform your local Intreo centre or social welfare office if you are going to start work.

Signing off the dole

If you get a new job you need to sign off if you have been receiving both full-time and part-time JA or JB payments. 

In some areas you can do this online, otherwise you must go to your local centre and inform them.

When you tell the Department of Social Protection that you are going to start work, you will receive payment until the start date of employment which you told them.

Depending on your circumstances, you may be able to keep some of your existing benefits and supports when you start work, or you may be entitled to other benefits such as Family Income Supplement.

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