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Hello Sunday Morning: Changing your relationship with alcohol

Change your relationship with alcohol one Sunday morning at a time

Written by SpunOut | View this authors Twitter page and posted in health

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Hello Sunday Morning is an online community of people across the world who want to change their relationship with alcohol.

Hello Sunday Morning focuses on encouraging people to realise their full potential and to shake the feeling that you need alcohol to enjoy yourself. It is not an anti-alcohol initiative, nor does the campaign urge people to give up alcohol for good. Instead, Hello Sunday Morning suggest taking a break from drinking to see what happens, and using that experience to inform your future drinking habits.  

What can Hello Sunday Morning do to help me create change? 

Hello Sunday Morning is a supportive community of people who are all trying to do the same thing - make changes to their lifestyle and take back control in their relationship with alcohol. Through their online programme Daybreak, you can join conversations, share experiences, try out different ways to manage your drinking, and access one-to-one private health coaching sessions with a professional. By talking to other people, you will see that you're not alone in your struggles to avoid alcohol, and you can find out how other people deal with urges to drink in certain situations. 

Through using the features on the Daybreak app, many users begin to see urges to drink fall over time, and their mood and sense of wellbeing improves. 

Who is Hello Sunday Morning for?

Hello Sunday Morning is for anyone who is willing to try something different and learn more about their relationship with alcohol. It is not only for people who are concerned about their drinking habits, it can also be used by people who just want to experiment and see what it would be like stop drinking for a while. 

Find out what it's like to wake up on Sunday morning with a clear head and think about what you could do with that hangover free day.

Supporting someone else

Hello Sunday Morning offer information and advice on their website for family and friends who are concerned about someone else's drinking habits or who want to support someone who is trying to make a change. If someone you know wants to cut down on their drinking, point them towards Hello Sunday Morning and suggest they give it a go.

Click here for more information on what to do if you're concerned about a friend's drinking habits.

More information on avoiding alcohol

If you're thinking of cutting down on alcohol for a while, find more information here:

To learn more about Hello Sunday Morning and sign up, visit

Feeling overwhelmed or want to talk to someone right now?

If you are a customer of the 48 or An Post network or cannot get through using the ‘50808’ short code please text HELLO to 086 1800 280 (standard message rates may apply). Some smaller networks do not support short codes like ‘50808’.

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Published Novem­ber 1st2013
Tags health alcohol wellbeing mental health
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