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Mental Health

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Mental health resources for supporting GP patients offer a range of mental health articles to help you support your patients

5 ways to achieve wellbeing These five steps, developed by the New Economics Foundation, are used across the world as ways to achieve a sense of wellbeing

How to meet people and make new friends Meeting people can be hard especially as you get older

How to handle feelings of guilt Understanding your guilt can help you better manage it

Self care activities you can do with a friend Practicing self care activities with a friend might encourage you to prioritise your self care

How to start a conversation with someone new Starting a conversation can be difficult but practice and experience can help to make it easier

What is self care? Practicing self care can help you to look after your mental and physical health

How to make the most of your day Looking after yourself and planning ahead can help you to feel fulfilled and content

The language to use when talking about suicide It is important to use the right language when talking about suicide

How to prepare for bad mental health days Looking after your mental health on good days can help make the bad days easier to deal with

Looking after yourself in a relationship Taking care of yourself in a relationship is important, and there are many ways you can.

How to practice self-compassion Although it might be difficult at first, it can really help your overall well-being and mental health