Going to college during COVID-19

This is a challenging time for students, but there are supports available
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College is an exciting time for many students, but COVID-19 has completely changed the way college life is experienced. With social distancing measures, online learning, and less time spent on campus, college will be very different for students this year. This will bring some challenges for many students, and everyone will need time to adjust to this new way of doing things.

SpunOut.ie and the Union of Students in Ireland have teamed up to support new and returning students heading to college this year with the information they need to make the most of college during these strange and uncertain times.

Remember, if you’re finding things difficult, you are not alone. There are people out there to support you. Having a tough time and need to talk? Text SPUNOUT to 50808 to chat anonymously with a trained volunteer.

Going to college during COVID-19

Find information below on college during COVID, including advice on doing college work from home, dealing with finance and accommodation, and getting to know others in your college.

Finance and accommodation

COVID-19 presents unique challenges when it comes to finding somewhere to live and being able to pay for college.

Studying and socialising during blended learning

Blended learning (a mix of online learning and in-person classes) will be new for many students, and it can be hard to stay motivated to do your work from home. Here’s some advice that can help:

Mental health support for students

This is a challenging time, and it’s normal to feel overwhelmed, stressed, or anxious. There are support services available for students, both on and off campus.

Travelling during restrictions

We are being asked to minimise travel as much as possible to help limit the spread of the virus. If you are a student due to start college next week and have secured accommodation, it’s important to consider whether you really have to travel. If you have no on-campus activities, it might be better to stay at home and avoid travelling outside of your region until restrictions have eased.

If you still want to travel to your student accommodation, or if you have already travelled, keep in mind that you may need to stay there if restrictions are tightened in that region. This means you might not be able to visit home for a while if you are asked to stay within your current county.

Student experiences

We asked students to share their experiences of college during COVID-19 and how they’re feeling about the upcoming academic year.

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All opinion pieces published as part of this campaign reflect the opinion of a young person, and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of SpunOut.ie or Union of Students in Ireland (USI).

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