Prepare for 2019 at the Fresh Revolutions conference

Fresh Resolutions is a mental health and wellness conference coming to Dublin in January 2019

Written by Ailbhe De Castro


Fresh Resolutions, a health and wellness conference for young professionals, is coming to Dublin Castle on 5 January 2019.

Fresh Resolutions is founded and hosted by Jamie White, Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2014 and 2015, in partnership with The Happy Pear twins. Fresh Resolutions brings together professionals in the areas of health, personal development and wellness. These professionals are dedicated to helping Irish workers set and strive to achieve their personal wellness goals for 2019. This can be as simple as increasing your energy levels and meeting like-minded people, to bettering your productivity levels and finding inspiration.

Founder Jamie White has first hand experience with burnout, caused by neglecting his mental and physical health and overworking himself. Based on this experience, he founded Youth Nation to share his experience and the lessons he learned with other young people. Having sold Youth Nation, Jamie has dedicated himself to hosting Fresh Resolutions to make Irish professionals aware of the risks that neglecting their mental and physical health can cause to their overall wellbeing. 

Fresh Resolutions 2019

Those who attend Fresh Resolutions will have the opportunity to hear from a number of guest speakers, take part in a selection of workshops, and enjoy a day of meeting a variety of people over good food and friendly conversation. 

People at Fresh Resolutions can expect to hear talks and learn more about:

  • Nutrition and training
  • Wellness and mental health
  • Goal setting and personal motivation
  • Budgeting and financial planning 

Fresh Resolutions will feature 4 keynotes, 2 panel discussions, 6 workshops and is expected to have 500 young professionals in attendance. 



Event co-founders David and Stephen Flynn, also known as The Happy Pear twins, will be delivering a keynote speech titled ‘Recipes for Health and Happiness’. The Happy Pear twins are top chefs, social media stars and the authors of several best-selling cookbooks.

Wellness and Mental Health

Alison Canavan is an award winning author for her wellness book, ‘Minding Mum’, a motivational speaker, and wellness coach. Her keynote on the day will concentrate on the mental and physical changes which must happen to be at one with yourself. 

Personal Motivation

Christina Noble, founder of the Christina Noble Children’s Foundation, will share her story and the importance of passion and purpose. Christina grew up in the slums of Dublin, experienced homelessness, and spent time in a number of orphanages following the death of her mother at a young age.

Goal Setting

Mark Pollock is an explorer, collaborator and an innovator. In 1998 he became the first blind man to race to the South Pole. When a fall from a second story window in 2010 left him paralysed, he dedicated himself to finding a cure for paralysis in this lifetime, securing $1 billion in funding to work towards this aim. In his keynote on the day, he will talk about overcoming challenges and setting your goals.



Steffan Fusco is one of Ireland’s leading personal trainers with a range of clients including celebrities and professional athletes. His workshop will breakdown training and nutrition, making sure you are equipped with ways to stay on track in 2019.

Wellness and Mental Health

Finding her passion in yoga, Lee Tracey decided to pack in her permanent and pensionable job and travel the world. While travelling, she increased her knowledge of yoga and now wants to help people live a more fulfilling, passionate life. She will host two meditation sessions on the stage during Fresh Resolutions.

Budgeting and Finances

Andrea Linehan, investor and director of GRID Finance specialising in business financial health, will give important advice on earning, saving and investing. Andrea founded the Irish Business Network during her time in the Middle East and completed an MBA at Trinity College Dublin on her return. Andrea sits on the board of the Irish International Business Network and the Small Firms Association. 

Personal Motivation

Will Meara found his life burdened by technology, leading him to start his search for a solution to ‘technology addiction’. His journey took him as far as North Korea. Will’s workshop will use his experience from his travels to explain the key to discovering the authentic self.

There will be many more workshops taking place throughout the course of the day.

Where is the event taking place?

The Fresh Resolutions conference will take place in Dublin Castle on the 5 January from 10am-5pm. 

Tickets include entry, a Happy Pear breakfast and lunch, and complimentary tea, coffee and snacks throughout the day. When you leave, you will receive a complimentary Happy Pear goodie bag.

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