New online ADHA support group for 16-17 year olds in Ireland

The first group takes place this Thursday, 16th July at 7pm

Written by Rebekah Connolly

ADHD Ireland are starting a new support group for young people aged 16 – 17 years. The group is hosted by Turn2Me in an online setting and aims to offer a forum for young people to discuss concerns, issues and their experiences with ADHD in life, with relationships or at school.

New ADHD Support Group for 16-17 year olds

The groups will be hosted online fortnightly and will be peer to peer sessions to help those experiencing the daily challenges of living with ADHD to offer support and guidance to each other, particularly at this uncertain time.

The group is organised through Turn2Me, a trusted and monitored online platform and is delivered through text communication rather than with a video format.

What is involved with joining the group? 

The ADHD Teen Support Group Guidelines are as follows:

  • Everything discussed within the group is confidential and not to be discussed outside the group
  • Medication advice will not be given – ADHD Ireland are not clinicians and not qualified to moderate discussions on medication
  • Everyone will be given an opportunity to contribute, if they wish to do so, however, there is no obligation on anyone to engage, they may simply join in and listen
  • Anonymity is important, particularly for online groups, therefore usernames only should be used and not actual names
  • Be respectful in allowing other people a chance to speak/text
  • Feedback can be given after the group by email to [email protected]

When does the ADHD support group run? 

The first group takes place this Thursday, 16th July at 7pm and then it will take place every two weeks after that, on Thursdays at 7pm.

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