Young people and COVID-19: In our own words

Young people across Ireland have been sharing their experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic

Written by spunout


The COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic has really changed how we live over the last few weeks. Schools and colleges are closed, many people are now out of work or working from home, and we’ve all been asked to social distance from each other.

Some people are using this time to focus on new or old hobbies, connect with friends and family remotely, exercise, or just relax. For many people, the last few weeks have been difficult, both physically and mentally. Many people are anxious or stressed about the pandemic and the impact it is having, while uncertainty around jobs, exams and special occasions is worrying others.

How young people are managing during the COVID-19 pandemic

Young people across Ireland have been sharing their experiences, opinions and advice with us. Read articles from our volunteers on mental health, wellbeing, the Leaving Cert, how they’re spending their time at home, and their thoughts for the future.

Looking after your mental health

Taking care of your mental & physical wellbeing

Studying and exams 

The Leaving Cert

Employment and unemployment

The impact on our society

Social distancing and staying at home

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