Katie Donohoe

While Ireland is not perfect, there is always someone to ask for help

Written by Ishita

While Ishita has witnessed some problems in her local community, she has found that help is always at hand.

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What attending Catholic school in Ireland is like for a child of a Polish immigrant

Written by Martina Czerwinska

Martina grew up in Dublin in the early 2000s as the child of a Polish immigrant, an experience, which she says, was not easy.

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Take 5 for Future: A movement on a mission

Written by spunout

This week, spunout volunteer Amy O'Brien chats with Kate Devitt from Friday's for Future Dublin about the group's goals in the lead up to the #Pres...

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We need to talk about Islamophobia

Written by Baisat

Baisat talks about the Irish experience for people of colour (POC) in dealing with racial slurs, racial profiling and ignorance from non-POCs.

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Take 5 for Future: Turning anger into love on the streets

spunout volunteer Amy O'Brien chats with the Friday's for Future Dublin crew every Friday in the lead up to the #PreserveNotPollute protest in Dubl...

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How I embraced sexual pleasure

Putting first her relationship with herself, Weronika stopped feeling guilty about sexual pleasure.

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Why talking about sexual pleasure is important

Written by Bhargavi Magadi

Bhargavi explores how the lack of inclusive sex education has impacted experiences of sexual pleasure.

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Navigating sexual pleasure as a queer non-binary trans person

Written by Ollie Bell

Ollie discusses how they navigate sexual pleasure in a binary obsessed world.

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What’s the deal with sex education in Ireland?

Written by Anjelica Foley

Anjelica discusses the impact of having no standardised inclusive relationships and sex education for young people in Ireland.

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Is the sex you’re having performative?

Written by Grace

Here's how Grace tackled performative sex – the act of engaging in sexual behaviour for the benefit of a partner with little to no connection with ...

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My goal this year is compassion

Written by Amy O'Brien

Amy writes about how her goal of self-compassion and radical acceptance can help in cultivating love and empathy for others.

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Uncovering my ace identity

Written by Ross Boyd

Ross is among the 1% of the population who identify as asexual meaning they have limited or no sexual attraction.

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