Katie Donohoe

Four ways to properly approach a wheelchair user

Written by Iqura Naseem

Iqura shares her first hand advice on how to interact properly with a wheelchair user.

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The most effective tool I have against negative thoughts

Written by Bhargavi Magadi

While Bhargavi says negative thoughts still occur, applying a few simple tools have helped navigate them.

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How I challenged negativity in my thoughts

Written by Tia Weldon

While Tia says she has found managing mental health tricky, she has developed some tools to help.

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Becoming my biggest fan to overcome mental illness

Written by Charlie Harney

Charlie explains how they learned to befriend their emotions and make peace with them.

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My tips for combatting negative thinking

Written by Denise Harding

Having dealt with periods of negative thinking, Denise shares her tips for combatting those thoughts.

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Young LGBTI+ voices share what pride means to them

Written by spunout

Ahead of the first in person Pride in three years, young LGBTI+ voices share what pride means to them.

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My experience as a young trans person in Ireland

Written by Luke O'Brien

While Luke shares the struggle facing many trans people in Ireland today, he also celebrates the support and resilience he has witnessed.

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The rise of vaping among gen z

Written by Katelyn Benson

Katelyn looks at the growing popularity of vaping in Ireland among young people.

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As an ex-smoker, here are my thoughts on vaping

Written by Emma Purcell

Emma shares her thoughts on why she thinks there is a rise in the popularity of vaping.

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The hidden truth I discovered about the leaving cert

Written by Rebecca O'Brien

Rebecca shares the insights she gained having gone on her leaving cert journey.

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How a PLC course landed me a spot in my dream college

Written by Joseph Burke

While Joseph initially saw doing a PLC course as a last resort, he now considers it his best educational experience.

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How I found my studying style for the leaving cert

Written by Caoimhe Sheridan

Caoimhe shares what she found helpful while studying for the Leaving Cert.

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