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How you can support a blind person

Written by Paul Geoghegan

Computer science student and guide dog owner Paul shares his advice on how to help a blind or vision impaired person.

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Four ways to properly approach a wheelchair user

Written by Iqura Naseem

Iqura shares her first hand advice on how to interact properly with a wheelchair user.

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The most effective tool I have against negative thoughts

Written by Bhargavi Magadi

While Bhargavi says negative thoughts still occur, applying a few simple tools have helped navigate them.

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My tips for combatting negative thinking

Written by Denise Harding

Having dealt with periods of negative thinking, Denise shares her tips for combatting those thoughts.

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How I found my studying style for the leaving cert

Written by Caoimhe Sheridan

Caoimhe shares what she found helpful while studying for the Leaving Cert.

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How I have learned to cope with feelings of burnout

Written by Emily Lundy

Through exploring ways of managing feelings of burnout, Emily has found that asking for help is an important step to realising you are not alone.

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Take 5 for Future: Getting involved

Written by spunout

Angelica shares her experience getting involved in the climate justice movement in this week's Take 5 for Future.

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My daily mantra for dealing with racism

Written by Geyaamalika

Geyaamalika details the steps she has taken to build resilience against the racism she has encountered.

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Take 5 for Future: Preparing to strike

Written by spunout

Not sure what to bring to a strike? This episode of Take 5 for Future has you covered.

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