6 physical activities for people who don’t like sport

You don’t need to like sports to get active!

Written by spunout


Lots of people really don’t like sport. Like, really don’t like it. Some people find it difficult or boring. Others feel self-conscious when they play and get embarrassed. Some might have had a bad experience playing sport when they were growing up and this put them off.

This is all totally understandable. Sports just aren’t for everyone, and that’s ok! Everyone has different interests and tastes. But just because you’re not into sports, doesn’t mean you can’t have a fun time while exercising. 

With that in mind here are six physical activities to try for people who don’t like sport:

1. Trampolining

Traditionally, trampolining is a form of gymnastics. It’s even an Olympic sport. Recently however, using trampolines to stay fit outside of gymnastics is an increasingly popular exercise trend, and it’s super fun as well. It can involve doing a variety of different exercises while bouncing on a trampoline, with guidance from an instructor. It helps to boost your mood, burn calories, and improve balance and coordination.

You can find a Gymnastics club near you here. Contact your local club and ask if they offer trampolining courses. If you’re a student, there may also be a trampolining club on campus.

2. Climbing

In Ireland, we have some pretty great places to go climbing. It can be an exciting, challenging and rewarding experience, but it’s also important to stay safe when you’re doing it. You can climb indoors or outdoors, but beginners usually start using an indoors wall. It’s really important to find an instructor and listen carefully to what they say, to help you avoid injuries.

It’s a great activity for your overall health, stregthening and toning muscles, improving flexibility, and reducing stress.

3. Pole fitness

Not everyone may associate pole dancing with fitness, but it is a really effective way getting active and fit. It requires loads of skill and work, but is a very enjoyable way of reaching your fitness goals, and is great for building strength! Pole fitness involves doing all sorts of different moves and dances that involve a pole. There are lots of studios around the country where you can take pole fitness classes now. Some gyms offer classes too.

4. Hula hooping

A hula hoop can be a really fun and cheap way to get some exercise. It’s great for building strength, improving coordination, and working on your concentration. You can move the hoop around your waist, arms, legs, and between different parts of your body.

Take a look at this video to learn some moves you can do while exercising with the hula hoop.

5. Horse riding

Horse riding might seem like an unlikely one, but it can be a great way to get outside, improve balance, strengthen core muscles, and boost your mood.

There are centres around the country where you can take a horse riding lesson. Find your nearest centre here.

6. Orienteering

Ireland is a great place for orienteering. This is a great way of improving your fitness as well as  a chance to get closer to nature and spend time in the great outdoors! Orienteering involves finding your way from one point to another on foot, using only a map, a compass and your brains. Orienteering is usually done in the woods, hills or parks, and you’ll have a course to follow the whole time. You can find more information on orienteering here.

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