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I think I might be bisexual

For some people it's not as clear cut as being straight or gay.

Written by SpunOut | View this authors Twitter page and posted in life

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Not everyone is straight or gay. Some people may feel attracted to more than one gender or some people may have relationships with more than one gender. When you’re attracted to more than one gender, this is called bisexuality.

Am I bisexual?

If you feel attracted to more than one gender (such as men and women), then you might be bisexual. To be bisexual, you don’t have to be attracted to two genders equally, and you don’t have to be attracted to them both all the time. Your feelings might change at different points of your life, and this is totally okay.

But I’m in a relationship with someone from the opposite gender

You might have relationships with different genders, or maybe you’ll only have relationships with one gender. You might only have sex with people from one gender, but still be attracted to another gender.

The strength of your feelings towards either gender may change over time and you can be bisexual and be abstinent or be bisexual and sexually active

None of this makes you any more or any less bisexual. No matter what gender you date or have sex with, it’s still possible and ok for you to be bisexual. Your sexual orientation is defined by you, not the by gender of the people you go out with or have sex with.

I fancy someone of one gender, but I usually only like another gender

Many straight people fancy someone of the same gender at some point in their lives, or even have a sexual or romantic experience with the same gender. Likewise, many gay or lesbian people fancy someone of the opposite gender at some point in their lives. This doesn’t necessarily mean you are bisexual. However, when these feelings continue or happen more often, then it may mean you are bisexual. Only you can know for sure.

Is it ok to be bisexual?

Of course! It is totally normal to be bisexual and there are many bisexual people. It’s ok to take time to experiment with your sexuality too - you don’t have to identify as bisexual, straight or gay. Just do what makes you happy.

Coming out

Coming out is the process during which you accept your sexual orientation and begin to be open about it with other people. Coming out can be scary, but it’s often totally worth it. For help with coming out, check out our article here. 

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Published Jan­u­ary 11th2013
Last updated May 15th2018
Tags sexuality bisexual coming out lgbt
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